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About Our Business

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The AK Properties family consists of multiple real estate companies that own office and multifamily properties throughout Long Island. We pride ourselves in providing high quality office and superb residential space for our tenants. 


We are always looking to grow our real estate portfolio by acquiring, developing, and leasing properties throughout Long Island.  From day one after acquisition, we maximize the value of our asset by making substantial improvements and by working toward full occupancy.

The AK Properties' philosophy is that the owner tenant relationship has to be a win/win relationship. We must assist in offering a complete package that helps our tenants grow. AK Properties' tenants are treated with the highest level of respect and always receive immediate service along with quick response time. We run our business professionally and are transparent in all our dealings. 


Whether you are a prospective tenant, seller of real estate, or have any interest, please contact AK Properties to see if we can help you!