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AK Commercial Properties, Inc. is the commercial real estate brokerage services arm of the AK Properties family of companies.  As owners of commercial properties ourselves, including office, medical office, and multi-family properties, we know the steps you must take to purchase, manage, and sell your property. The ever changing real estate market is moving at speeds that we have never seen before. A player must align themselves with a firm that lives and breathes this market .


We offer strategic solutions for investors, user buyer/sellers and tenants.   We utilize our years of experience, uncompromising level of service, along with our deep Long Island roots to offer a wealth of services for our clients.  If you are considering engaging in a commercial real estate transaction, this is one of the biggest lifetime decisions you will ever make.   You need to carefully evaluate who you will align yourself with.   We would very much like to have the pleasure to speak to you about your commercial real estate needs.

Buyer Representation:

Did you know that very often a substantial portion of your equity gain on real estate is made on the 1st day after you close on a purchased property? This is why you need a seasoned professional to work with you to negotiate the best price for property you choose to acquire.  In addition to the price, we evaluate your long-term needs and space requirements as a user. We can also help you evaluate the potential rate of return,  if you are an investor.  Our team is experienced and will help you purchase the property at the best value and terms. Also, you will need to be tax efficient and be protected legally during this process. We will work with your CPA and attorney, so you can achieve the best possible results for now,  as well as,  your exit strategy in the future.

Seller Representation:

When is a good time to sell?  What is the market price?  What are the tax consequences?  What will I earn on a comparable investment? These are all very difficult questions, a seller of commercial property goes through at some point. The AK Commercial Properties, Inc. team will work through these questions, and more with you.   We sit down with you, show you the comparable sales of similar properties, we can give you an estimated rate of return analysis and work with your CPA so you sell in the most tax efficient way. You can be assured you are dealing with the best in the industry as we live & breathe the Long Island market.

Landlord Representation

Is your building full?  If not, do you realize how much this is costing you? Even as a small building owner, you may have a rent roll of $20,000 per month at full capacity. If you drop down to 50% occupancy, you may be losing over $100,000 per year. You need to get to 100% occupancy immediately.  Our firm will aggressively market your property by reaching out to our extensive database, advertising in premier commercial real estate websites, and networking with potential tenants. We talk everyday with companies that can potentially lease from you at premium rates.  Let us work on filling up your building today!


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