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About Our Company

AK Commercial Properties, Inc. is the commercial real estate brokerage services arm of the AK Properties family of companies. As owners of commercial properties ourselves, including office, medical office, and multi-family properties, we know the steps you must take to purchase, manage, and sell your property. The ever changing real estate market is moving at speeds that we have never seen before. A player must align themselves with a firm that lives and breathes this market . We offer strategic solutions for investors, user buyer/sellers and tenants. We utilize our years of experience, uncompromising level of service, along with our deep Long Island roots to offer a wealth of services for our clients. If you are considering engaging in a commercial real estate transaction, this is one of the biggest lifetime decisions you will ever make. You need to carefully evaluate who you will align yourself with. We would very much like to have the pleasure to speak to you about your commercial real estate needs.

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